Which is the most popular beach in Goa?

Goa is a popular beach state in India, where travelers can explore more than 30 beaches. The interesting thing about all the beaches is that on every single beach, you will get a unique experience. If you are planning a trip to Goa and searching for the most popular beach in Goa and a resort near a beach in Goa, then do not worry now.

In this blog, we will explore one of the famous beaches in Goa and the best resort near the beach, so stay tuned to know both of them and make your trip remarkable.

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Popular beaches in Goa

Goa is famous for its beaches, and there are scores of popular beaches in Goa, such as Baga, Vagator, Anjuna, and many more. If you are planning an escape from your daily hectic schedule and seeking the silent beach in Goa, then stay at Morjim and enjoy your vacation well. Morjim is a popular beach in Goa that is known for many reasons and offers the finest place to add charm to your vacation. Let’s shed some light on the factors that make Morjim the most famous beach in Goa.

Why is Morjim Beach so popular in Goa?

•Thrilling Water Sports: 

In Goa, travelers can partake in various watersports on different beaches. Water activities are also one of the main reasons that Morjim is the most popular beach in Goa. To feel the real thrill of Goa and feel adventure in your trip, you can immerse yourself in various water activities on Morjim. It includes kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many more. So to enjoy the real fun at this beach and make your trip remarkable, you must try to include yourself in these activities.

•Turtle Watching: 

Morjim Beach is known for its breathtaking views, tranquility, and Olive Ridley Turtles. It is an endangered species that swim up to the beach to lay its eggs. Travelers can easily spot turtles near the beach and add more stars to their trip, but it is important to keep your distance from them to keep yourself safe.

•Flying fish: 

It is one of the most popular and amazing activities in Asia and is performed in various countries. Now it is introduced in India also, which allows people to fly over the water surface with the help of a speedboat. To enjoy unmatched thrills and fun, you must try this new water sport on the popular beach of Goa, named Morjim.

•Chapora River Cruises: 

It is one of the main reasons to explore Morjim Beach and add more interesting moments to your trip. If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy relaxing trips and amazing sunsets, then you must try to take a houseboat ride and make memories.

These are some reasons why Morjim is a popular beach in Goa. To enjoy all these activities and charm on your trip, a comfortable stay is a must near Morjim Beach, where you can easily immerse yourself in all the activities. No worries, there are plenty of beach resorts in Morjim, Goa, and you can stay at any of them. To make it easy for you, we suggest a good resort near the beach where you can stay and enjoy your vacation well.

The best beach resort in Morjim Goa for every traveler

There are plenty of accommodation options available near the beach in Morjim, but to spend a marvelous vacation, look no further than White Flower Morjim. It is one of the greatest resorts in North Goa, near the beach, where you peeps can get a comfortable stay and partake in the above-mentioned activities to add thrill and charm to your trip.

Summing it up:

In this blog, we discuss one of the most popular beaches in Goa, named Morjim. We also mentioned the things to do at this beach that make it so popular and add charm to visitors’ trips. Apart from this, we also recommend White Flower Morjim. It is one of the best resorts near Morjim Beach, Goa, where you will get all the amenities, including spacious rooms, private parking, wifi, an on-site restaurant, a bar, and many more. 

So to enjoy all the activities and make your trip memorable, you must try to stay at this resort in North Goa.

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