Best Android APPS For The Month Of September 2023

Google Play Store adds new Android apps every month, but it’s hard for the average user to sort through the huge number of new apps to find the best ones on their own. So, we’re going to write a list of the best Android apps every month to keep you up to date on the newest ones. This blog post will tell you about the best Android apps to try in September 2023.

The best Android apps for September 2023 are:

The list of the best Android apps starts in September 2023. It is a unique, basic Android launcher that uses a dynamic Pie app menu instead of a regular app list. You need to tap and hold on to the home screen and swipe to the app you want to open. With one tap on the home screen, you can open the choice of apps and look for the one you want to use. By holding down on an app for a while, you can add it to the Pie app menu so it can be launched quickly. All done! It has nothing else to offer. It’s a simple shooter with no extra stuff.

1. Amaze File Utilities 

This is a great open-source file manager that makes it easier than ever to control and look at the storage on your phone. It makes it easy to look through your storage for useless files and get rid of them all with just a few taps. Also, the app smartly sorts your pictures into groups based on what’s in them. Such as jokes, low-light images, blurry images, group photos, and so on, so that it’s easy to find the images you want. Like any other storage app, it also lets you organize your things however you want.

Inside the app, you can also see which apps are taking up the most room on your device’s storage and, if you want, uninstall them. You also get a built-in media player with all the features you need and a document reader. The app also lets you share data between devices using wifi peer-to-peer. Overall, the UI is attractive and easy to use, and it has more than a few useful tools. So get it. It’s free, open source, and doesn’t have any ads.

2. 6000 thoughts | AI Life Coach

This one is an AI life coach app that helps you organize your scattered thoughts into clear information that you can use to make a choice. You have to tell the app what you’re thinking, and it will ask you a few questions about how you feel about what you’re thinking. This will help you figure out what’s going on. It gives you a summary of what you did and what happened as a result. It also shows you effective tools and answers to help you get mentally stronger and grow. So, give it a try if you need help thinking and making decisions.

3. Launcher Ops

If you like to try out different Android apps, this is the one for you. The app helps you find fake or dangerous Android launchers by letting you dig deep into the launcher’s manifest. It shows you information that may not be visible on the Google Play Store page or any other app info viewer so that you can avoid that sketchy launcher.

Launcher Ops digs deep into how permissions and live services are used, finds open activities, finds ads or microtransactions, and grades the Launcher App in detail to let you know how it feels about it.

4. Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes

This AI app is very helpful because it not only records the audio but also transcribes your conversations, meetings, lectures, etc., in real-time with time stamps. You can just hit the record button and focus on your meeting or lecture while the app transcribes it in real-time. During the recording, you can also use the app to mark important parts to look at again later.

The best part is that the app will save both the audio file and the text of it. You can listen to the recording and also change the transcription if you want to. And yes, you can share them with anyone from here. You can even upload audio and video files for recording. Overall, it’s a very useful AI app, but you can only get it for free for a short time. So use it, and if you like it, move up.

5. Track it Even if it is off

This is a great security app for your phone that helps you find it if it gets stolen. If someone stole your phone, the first thing they would do is to turn it off. This app makes a fake window that says, “Switch off mobile data, airplane mode, wifi, etc…….” to stop them from doing that. So, even if the thief turns off your phone, it will still be running in the background because this app makes it look like it’s turned off.

It will be on, but nothing will happen. After the fake shutdown, your phone will go into emergency mode and send the current location, a picture, and audio to the people you choose so you can get it back. After a fake stop, all you have to do is plug in your charger to get it back to normal. It’s a very useful app, so give it a shot.

6. The Phoenix project – Awaken

This is a beautiful free offline music player for Android that is open-source, which means it doesn’t have any ads. It looks like the glass morphism form and can also be changed in some ways. You can change its blur, transparency, shade, and a few other small effects. In terms of tools, it has support for lyrics, but it needs to be fixed. You can make sets, and when you play music, the app makes your phone’s torch blink as a visual.

By holding down on any song for a while, you can set any part of the song as a ringtone right here, and you can also change the song’s information. It doesn’t have as many features as the most popular music players, but if you just want a basic, ad-free music player that looks nice, give it a try.


In September 2023, these were the best Android apps to try. We hope you found this post helpful and will try at least some of these ideas. In the meantime, if we missed any apps, leave them in the comments, and we’ll try them out and add them to the list if they’re good enough. That’s all for this month. See you soon, and thanks for reading!

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