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In the world of networking, Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certifications stand as highly esteemed qualifications. They serve as a testament to your proficiency in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting Cisco networks. Among the various flavors of CCNP certifications, two prominent ones are CCNP Encor and CCNP Enarsi. This article aims to elucidate the distinctions between these certifications, empowering you to make an informed decision regarding your networking career. 

Journey of CCNP Certifications

Before we delve into the specifics of Encor and Enarsi, it’s vital to comprehend the broader landscape of CCNP certification. CCNP certifications encompass a vast array of networking topics, allowing candidates to specialize in areas such as routing and switching, security, data center, and more. Encor and Enarsi represent two distinct tracks within the CCNP portfolio, each focusing on specific skills and knowledge.

Understanding CCNP Encor

CCNP Encor (Enterprise Core) serves as the cornerstone for a solid foundation in enterprise networking. This certification envelops topics such as network design, implementation, automation, virtualization, and assurance. Encor is often considered the fundamental building block for various other CCNP specializations, including CCNP DevNet Training.

What is CCNP Enarsi?

CCNP Enarsi (Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services) takes a specialized approach, delving deeply into advanced routing and network services. It caters to professionals aspiring to master the intricacies of routing protocols, VPNs, and network infrastructure services. Enarsi places a strong emphasis on in-depth knowledge of Cisco routers and services, including the 300-410 Enarsi exam.

Comparing Apples and Oranges: Encor vs. Enarsi

Now, let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration of the key differences between CCNP Encor and Enarsi, gaining a deeper understanding of how each certification can shape your networking career. 

  • Scope

CCNP Encor boasts a broad spectrum, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a well-rounded education in enterprise networking. Topics encompass network design, implementation, automation, virtualization, and assurance. This comprehensive approach provides a sturdy foundation, serving as a launchpad for various other CCNP specializations. It ensures you possess a wide skill set to address diverse networking challenges, including those covered in CCNP DevNet Training.

Conversely, CCNP Enarsi is highly specialized, honing in on advanced routing, VPNs, and network services. This specialization caters to those with a specific interest in mastering routing protocols such as BGP and OSPF, alongside network services like VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and QoS (Quality of Service). Enarsi is tailored for professionals aspiring to become experts in these specific domains, enabling them to assume specialized roles in network engineering. 

  • Prerequisites

CCNP Encor is notably more accessible in terms of prerequisites, as it has no formal requirements. This makes it an ideal entry point for those new to the CCNP certification track. If you’re commencing your CCNP journey and desire a broad understanding of enterprise networking, Encor provides a welcoming starting point.

On the contrary, CCNP Enarsi typically requires candidates to hold a CCNA certification or possess equivalent knowledge. This prerequisite is in place because Enarsi delves into advanced networking concepts and technologies. Having prior networking experience and a solid grasp of fundamental concepts proves beneficial when undertaking the Enarsi certification, including the 300-410 Enarsi exam. 

  • Skills Developed

Pursuing CCNP Encor equips you with a comprehensive skill set related to enterprise networking. This includes not only technical skills but also an understanding of network design principles, automation techniques, virtualization technologies, and methods for ensuring network reliability and security. Graduates of Encor possess the capability to navigate various networking domains with confidence and expertise, including those covered in CCNP DevNet Training. 

In contrast, CCNP Enarsi takes a deep dive into specific areas, focusing on advanced routing protocols like BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), as well as network services like VPNs and QoS. This specialized focus results in a high level of expertise in these particular domains. Enarsi certified professionals are well-prepared to tackle complex network routing and service challenges, making significant contributions to network optimization and security efforts. 

Key Benefits of Each

The choice between CCNP Encor and Enarsi ultimately hinges on your career goals and areas of interest: 

Benefits of CCNP Encor: 

  • Broad Understanding of Enterprise Networking: Encor provides a well-rounded knowledge base, enabling you to address various networking challenges effectively. 

  • Suitable for Exploring Different Networking Domains: If you’re unsure of your precise career path within networking, starting with Encor allows you to gain exposure to a wide array of networking concepts. 

  • A Strong Foundation for Other CCNP Specializations: Encor serves as a foundational certification that can act as a stepping stone to other CCNP specializations. It provides a comprehensive understanding beneficial in a variety of networking roles, including those related to CCNP DevNet Training. 

Benefits of CCNP Enarsi:

  • In-Depth Knowledge of Advanced Routing and Network Services: Enarsi offers specialized education that delves deep into the intricacies of advanced routing protocols and network services, making you a subject matter expert in these areas. 

  • Ideal for Specialized Network Engineering Roles: If your career aspirations involve roles such as network architect or senior network engineer, Enarsi provides the specific expertise needed to excel in these positions. 

  • A Deep Dive into Cisco Routing Technologies: Enarsi focuses extensively on Cisco’s routing technologies, equipping you with the skills necessary to design, implement, and optimize complex routing solutions, including those covered in the 300-410 Enarsi exam. 

Who Should Go for Which

Choosing between CCNP Encor and Enarsi should align with your experience level and career goals: 

CCNP Encor is suitable for:

  • Network Professionals Starting Their CCNP Journey: If you’re relatively new to CCNP certifications and desire a well-rounded understanding of enterprise networking, Encor is an excellent starting point. 

  • Those Interested in a Well-Rounded Understanding of Enterprise Networking: If you wish to explore various networking domains and develop a broad skill set, Encor provides the knowledge and foundation needed to do so. 

  • Individuals Planning to Pursue Other CCNP Specializations: Encor serves as a strong foundational certification that can act as a stepping stone to other CCNP specializations. It provides a comprehensive understanding that can be beneficial in various networking roles, including those associated with CCNP DevNet Training. 

CCNP Enarsi is ideal for:

  • Experienced Network Engineers Looking to Specialize: If you already have networking experience and want to specialize in advanced routing and network services, Enarsi is the right choice. It allows you to deepen your expertise in specific areas, including those covered in the 300-410 Enarsi exam. 

  • Professionals Interested in Advanced Routing and Network Services: If you have a keen interest in routing protocols, VPNs, and QoS, and want to become a specialist in these domains, Enarsi is tailored to meet your aspirations. 

  • Those Aiming for Roles Like Network Architect or Senior Network Engineer: If your career goals involve high-level network design, optimization, and security, Enarsi’s specialized knowledge is invaluable in preparing you for these roles, including those related to the 300-410 Enarsi exam. 

The Road After Certification 

After attaining either CCNP Encor or Enarsi, consider further specialization or pursuing the prestigious Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification for career advancement. 

FAQs – frequently asked question

Which certification, CCNP Encor or Enarsi, is more challenging?

Both certifications have their own challenges. Encor covers a wider range of topics, making it more comprehensive, while Enarsi goes deeper into specific areas, making it more intense. Your background and career goals should guide your choice. 

Are there any recertification requirements for CCNP Encor and Enarsi?

Yes, Cisco has a recertification policy for CCNP certifications. You can recertify by passing any 300- or 400-level exam or by achieving a higher-level certification, such as the CCIE. 

Can I switch between CCNP Encor and Enarsi after starting one of them?

Yes, you can switch between CCNP tracks if your career goals change. However, it may require additional study and preparation to switch from one specialization to another. 

Do I need real-world experience to pass CCNP Encor or Enarsi exams?

While real-world experience can be helpful, it’s not a strict requirement. Cisco provides official study materials, including books and online courses, to help you prepare for the exams. 

Conclusion: Which One Is Right for You?

In the end, the choice between CCNP Encor and Enarsi comes down to your career goals and interests. If you’re looking for a broad foundation in enterprise networking, start with Encor, including those aspects related to CCNP DevNet Training. If you’re ready to specialize in advanced routing and network services, Enarsi, including the 300-410 Enarsi exam, is the path for you. Whichever path you choose, Cisco’s CCNP certifications will undoubtedly enhance your networking expertise and open doors to exciting career opportunities in the IT industry.

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