Vaping and Fitness: Finding The Right Balance

Most vapers go from smoking to vaping for its health benefits and damage reduction. As vaping has been scientifically proven to cause much less harm to one’s, the choice seems obvious. But does vaping affect your lifestyle? Namely, your active lifestyle and fitness?

Smoking poses a number of limitations on fitness and the two main complaints smokers have are running out of breath and having a low energy level. people who smoke have consistently reported not having enough stamina to maintain an active lifestyle and having an overall low lung capacity. Vaping seems to successfully address both of these concerns.

Questions like Does vaping affect your ability and/or motivation to exercise? Is it a bad idea to exercise with nicotine in your system? Could nicotine affect how quickly you see gains in endurance/strength? These are some common concerns of people who want to switch to vaping while not sacrificing their workout routine.

In this blog, we will address the concerns of all fitness freaks and gym bros with respect to vaping, and help you find the right balance to maintain an active lifestyle.

Does Vaping Affect Your Active Lifestyle?

When you smoke, the combustion process causes the release of a multitude of chemicals and toxins, many of which cause throat irritation and reduce your lung capacity, which is one of the causes of shortness of breath. When you vape, be it a disposable vape, or any refillable device, you only inhale the vapour, which does not contain the irritants mentioned above, and most importantly it doesn’t involve the combustion process that produces tar and those chemicals.

There is no evidence to suggest that vaping has any negative effects on a person’s cardiovascular system. In fact, most vapers report no changes in their physical performance if they vape pre-workout.

What Is the Ideal Way to Incorporate Vaping into Your Active Lifestyle?

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor that increases blood pressure and decreases blood flow, and it also lowers the flow of oxygen within the blood. Nicotine in your system, if taken in moderation, is not going to prohibit you from exercising. The main effect you might be concerned about is the rise in blood pressure/heart rate. If you have not vaped in the past 24 hours, your blood pressure and heart rate will be to that of your body’s natural levels. It is recommended to not vape immediately before or after the workout use a heart rate monitor on your run and try to stay at Z3.

With that, it is also recommended to vape at low temperatures to keep your body in an energetic state. After a workout, however, it’s generally advised to vape at high temperatures, which will let you get more out of your e-liquid. This is especially true when vaping CBD juices, which are known to help with post-workout recovery and ease muscle pain.

With that, there are no long-term studies as of yet that would give us more information on how vaping affects gains and general physical performance.

How Is Vaping Different from Smoking in Your Active Lifestyle If Both Entail the Use of Nicotine?

It is true that both vaping and cigarettes involve the use of nicotine, but the difference lies in how both carry nicotine inside your system. Cigarettes not only deliver nicotine to your system but also expose it to a plethora of harmful chemicals and toxins that damage your lungs. Vaping, on the other hand, reduces the harm, protects your lungs, and delivers nicotine in a safer and more controlled way.

With vaping, you will be able to take deeper breaths involving the diaphragm and won’t feel the need to stop and catch your breath every time you do something that involves light cardio like climbing stairs, walking, running etc. It enhances your lung capacity and slowly heals your entire body. Your stamina drastically increases and you are able to do so many cardio activities that you could not do as a smoker.

Other Health Benefits of Switching to Vaping

Every type of training or workout routine entails different types of goals that require different levels of caloric intake – with some you need to bulk, with others you need to go on a caloric deficit. One of the drawbacks of smoking is that it desensitizes your taste buds and kills your appetite, which completely disrupts your health goals because you are unable to meet your daily caloric or nutrition requirements.

Vaping on the other hand revitalizes your taste buds as it doesn’t involve the burning of tobacco and the ingestion of countless chemicals and tar, that do what cigarettes do to your taste buds. Hence, when you switch to vaping, you become able to taste the food again, and subsequently, you can consume food with respect to your fitness goals.

Vaping also drastically improves your oral hygiene, and your personal hygiene like the freshness of breath, no stains on teeth, no cracks on lips, and flushed skin. It gives you a Zen state of mind in the gym too instead of being stressed out and having low levels of energy. 

Final Note

With the benefits of vaping clearly defined with respect to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there is still one important thing that you must take note of. You need to have control over other training variables and need to work on things like your caffeine intake, sleep regulation, binge eating, mental health etc. Because vaping will increase your appetite, but with your appetite level brought back to its normal level, you must avoid binge eating or consuming empty calories, which would hinder your progress. If you are vaping, you must keep in mind, that you are administering a stimulant in your system. Hence you must reduce or limit the use of another stimulant i.e. caffeine, if you are big on it.


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