Transform your Business Landscape with AS400 Migration to Cloud

AS400 Migration to cloud empowers the AS400 application for all the physical audit compliances required. The security and availability features offered by cloud services are superior to those of on-premises servers.

Moving your AS400 to the cloud, you can save a significant amount in data center operating costs. AS400 systems are reliable, stable, and used for heavy applications in industries like banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, etc.

However, these on-premises servers require good maintenance and a team of AS400 experts, so many businesses opt for the AS400 migration to cloud approach. For the leaders, the migration process makes it easier to manage their IT applications and focus on other IT goals.

As AS400 is still considered one of the most reliable systems in use today, many businesses want to continue using AS400 systems. With constant updates, businesses can enhance their AS400 environment to improve performance, achieve high uptime, and strengthen security.

However, to reduce AS400 system complexity and costs, the best approach is AS400 Migration to Cloud. This will enable businesses to optimize their operations and take advantage of the benefits of the best cloud platforms.

AS400 Migration to Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud 

Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud are the better cloud solutions of choice for AS400 users who want to protect their data on AS400 applications. Moving to Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud the benefits are immediate financially, operationally, and strategically.

There are many challenges faced in AS400 application systems. AS400 Migration to Azure, there are many industries have businesses may also want to migrate legacy applications and data to the cloud.

Migrating AS400 to the cloud can offer several benefits such as cost savings, improved functionality, and scalability. However, a successful migration process requires a strong strategy. If your legacy system wants to take advantage of newer, cutting-edge technologies, then you should consider migrating AS400 to cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud. Let’s discuss more about this.

AS400 Migration to Azure 

AS400 people migrate their as400 workload from on-premise environments to Microsoft Azure, so they can continue using the same data protection.

 If you have plans to continue using your existing applications written in RPG, COBOL, and CL languages for the next few years, but at the same time, you want to move your workloads for AS400 Migration to Azure, there is an interesting solution available.

To make the applications compatible with Azure, they need to be converted to C and JAVA programming languages. Additionally, you are also free to modify the C and JAVA source code rather than the original legacy source code.

AS400 Migration to IBM Cloud 

Migrating to IBM Cloud is a strategic move that can enhance the agility, scalability, and performance of your IT infrastructure. This process involves moving your data and applications from other systems to a dynamic cloud environment that offers the flexibility to scale resources on demand.

IBM Cloud provides advanced technologies, and robust security measures, and complies with industry standards, making it a safe and reliable choice for businesses. By embracing IBM Cloud, you can future-proof your business and adapt to changing landscapes in a digital-first era. This transformative journey is not just moving data. it’s a leap toward a future-ready infrastructure that can propel your business to new heights.

AS400 Migration with Integrative Systems 

Integrative Systems offers a comprehensive solution to seamlessly back up, recover, and migrate data for AS400 hosted on Azure cloud data centers. Our services make it effortless for businesses to backup, recover, and migrate data from their on-premises as400 systems to Microsoft Azure.

As we partner with Microsoft enables us to provide the confidence to run their most business-critical workloads on Azure, knowing that their data is reliably protected and easy to recover.

Our cloud experts support businesses in modernizing and migrating their workloads and applications to Microsoft Azure. Feel free to contact us at for any cloud-related issues.

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