Tips For Choosing A Secure And Safe Cattery

Catteries located close to kennels with dogs always excited and barking could stress out the cats.  Therefore, choose catteries that are not close to kennels.

To help the cats feel more secure, most catteries allow cat owners to bring in their pet’s familiar toys or bedding for the familiar scents.  Also, your pet’s scratching post could help her settle in the cattery.

In general, cats like heights.  They infrequently sit around the floor if there are available higher spots to hang around.  This should apply to catteries too.  Shelves in the sleeping units and runs allow cats the opportunity to exercise their climbing skills and have a view of their surroundings, therefore making them feel a lot more secure.

A routine can also make cats feel a sense of security.  If they know their feeding schedules, they will realize when people are coming and going and the less they feel threatened. 

Most good catteries have plants that attract butterflies.  Having butterflies around offers the cats something to watch and capture their interests.

 Your vet clinic Savannah, GA is a valuable resource when it comes to your pet’s health and needs.

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Written by Michael Warn

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