Spirit Airlines Name Correction: Fixing the Flaw for a Stress-Free Journey

You can alter or correct your reservation using the Spirit Airlines name correction on ticket policy. The airline understands that some mistakes can occur when passengers spell their names incorrectly. Spirit Airlines created a smart and adaptable policy for name changes on tickets because of this. 

Therefore, read this post for some helpful information if you find yourself in a situation where your reservation needs to have a Spirit Airlines name correction or modification made.

What is Spirit Airlines Name Correction Policy?

You must comprehend the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy in order to change or correct your name if you entered the wrong passenger’s name on the flight ticket. Simply read the Spirit Airlines name correction on ticket guidelines, which cover every step of the name change process.

  • Only valid reasons must be submitted for a complete name change and supporting documentation such as a divorce decree, marriage certificate, or other event-based document.
  • Spirit Airlines flight tickets are not allowed to change their entire name; however, passengers are allowed to have the first three characters of their name corrected.
  • Although changing one’s name is free of charge and does not incur penalties, passengers must do so within 24 hours of purchasing their ticket.
  • The passenger must pay the name correction fees in accordance with Spirit Airlines name correction policy within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.
  • The name on the flight ticket must match any valid government ID, and passengers are not allowed to give the ticket to anyone else.

Note: If you are unable to correct your name, contact 855-626-0090 airline customer service. Dial +1-800-865-1848 an alternate number of the consolidation desk if the airline number is engaged.

Does the Airlines Charge the Fee for Spirit Airlines Name Correction on Ticket?

The name change fees are variable and take into account a number of aspects of the traveler’s ticket, including the type of fare, class, distance, and other significant variables.

  • Passengers are required by law to pay approximately $ 225 for a Spirit Airlines name correction on ticket.
  • The passenger must pay a rebooking fee of maybe $250 in order to rebook.
  • The passenger will be required to pay a Spirit Airlines Name Change Fee of approx $175 if the name correction or change requires special approval from the airline.
  • The passenger must pay $150 for a small correction.

Required Documents To Spirit Airline Name Correction/Change

Spirit Airlines uses a straightforward process called “Spirit Airlines name correction policy” to modify a passenger’s name. You can change your name online or offline, but support is still required in both scenarios. You can give the airline a compilation of paperwork to change your name on the tickets.

  • Marriage License
  • Court Orders
  • Divorce Order
  • Document for Legal Name Change
  • SSN and Passport

Final Thoughts!

To wrap it up, Spirit Airlines name correction policy allows passengers to make changes to their itinerary. If the whole name change is necessary, follow the required documents. As mentioned above, reflect your name correctly. Get in touch with +1-800-865-1848 flight experts for further information regarding Spirit Airlines name correction on ticket policy and charges. 

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