Royal Jordanian Change Name Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Flying may seem like an easy way to travel from one place to another, but it’s not. Sometimes a few missteps can spoil the entire journey. On tickets, customers commonly type their names improperly, which causes them to have issues for a long period. However, the Royal Jordanian change name policy provides a calm and pleasurable travel experience in addition to resolving this significant issue.

What Is Royal Jordanian Change Name Policy?

In accordance with the Royal Jordanian name change policy, visitors might anticipate the following:

  • The airline name change policy is as simple as the rest of its policies. If you make the changes 24 hours before your departure, you can change your name without any problems.

  • You can write to the Royal Club to request name corrections and verify the necessary supporting evidence. The airline will verify the paperwork one more time before approving the name change.

  • It would not be possible to offer it with a completely different name. Only in the event that a typing error occurs in the name modifications can they be fixed. You could, however, give your family a ticket for a certain class of travel.

  • The simplest way to change your name is to give Royal Jordanian Airlines a call or stop by their ticket office.

Methods For Changing Your Name With Royal Jordanian

In order to support its claims of being accommodating and customer-focused, Royal Jordanian provides numerous ways for customers to modify their reservations. The in-depth examination of every possibility is provided below.

Method1: Name Change Via Online

You noticed the name was spelled incorrectly when you looked at the ticket. Don’t worry! To solve it, you can utilize the online method. Take special note of these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Royal Jordanian.

  • Click the Manage Booking tab at this time.

  • Put the passenger’s last name and flight reservation number in here.

  • In the following step, a list of reservations will appear on your screen. Select the relevant flight.

  • Adjust names in compliance with the instructions displayed on the screen.

  • The customer must pay the required fee to complete the name correction process.

  • The airline will eventually issue you a replacement ticket using the correct name that is associated with your registered email address.  

Method 2: Name Correction Via Offline

You can call the airline’s support center to make the modifications if you are not too skilled with technology and prefer to do things the old-fashioned way. To assist you with the adjustment, the airline has hired technical experts.

  • You can contact the customer support representative at the airline’s service center by calling at 962.6.5100000. You can also call the consolidation desk at +1-866-738-0741 for more assistance regarding the Royal Jordanian change name policy. 

  • Justify the change you want to make by giving an explanation.

  • If you choose to go through with the change, you will need to pay the flight difference cost plus the service fees.

  • Now that the payment has been received, the changes will be made, and Royal Jordanian will send you a new ticket.


Travelers satisfaction is the top priority for Royal Jordanian Airlines, which makes the transfer easy for them whether they are traveling for a Royal Jordanian change name marriage, change of name, or another reason. Do you still have questions? For more information about name correction and policy changes, contact Royal Jordanian Airlines customer support at 962.6.5100000. You can also call +1-866-738-0741 to speak with a consolidation desk representative for urgent assistance. 

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