Removable or Permanent Dental Retainers: Which One to Choose?

Orthodontic treatments have become common not only in pre-teens or teenagers but also among adults. Having a good set of teeth to avoid any oral and dental issues is of utmost importance to maintain oral health in the long run.

One of the critical components of any orthodontic treatment is dental retainers such as a Begg appliance or Hawley retainer. Dental retainers ensure the adjustments in dental placements of teeth, gums, and jawbone after braces or any other orthodontic treatment stays put. Such retainers are custom-made and are chosen based on the patient’s and orthodontist’s advice.

Currently, there are 2 types of dental retainers available in the market, namely, removable retainers and permanent retainers.

Removable Retainers: More Comfort and Flexibility

When the patient wants more flexibility and comfort in wearing retainers, orthodontists suggest removable retainers. These retainers can be removed from the mouth on demand.

The most popular removable retainers include Hawley retainers, Begg wrap around retainers, and clear aligners. Each type of removable retainer has its pros and cons. However, they are preferred for their advantages such as higher comfort, flexibility, ease of cleaning and maintenance, ease to remove and affix on the teeth, and more.

Make sure to talk to your orthodontist to ensure removable retainers are the right fit for you.

Permanent Retainers: More Reliable with Effective Results

There have been instances when patients have either forgotten or completely let go of wearing their removable retainers. This can cause the teeth to shift back.

Permanent retainers are meant to avoid this problem. Since they are permanently bonded on the back of your canine teeth, there is no chance of forgetting to wear them. This makes them more reliable for effective results. Moreover, permanent retainers aren’t visible on your teeth as they are installed on the back of your teeth making them aesthetically pleasing too.

Which one to choose?

We suggest you leave that to your orthodontist. Your professional orthodontist knows the best option to choose for your teeth and current situation. Although your requirements will be taken into consideration, make sure to go with the option your orthodontist suggests for your teeth.

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