Mommy makeover surgery- Ideal age to go for it

Some mothers think they are ready to undergo a makeover in their thirties while some wait for this until they have reached their 40’s or are close to their mid-age. With variations in the age groups of women seeking mommy makeovers, many newly made mothers who are embarrassed with their post-pregnancy physique get confused as to which age is ideal for a mommy makeover.

If someone is looking for the Best Mommy Makeover In Hyderabad, Keep reading this post by experts at Eternelle Aesthetics Clinic to decide on the best time to undergo this life-changing procedure.

What is mommy makeover surgery?

Mommy Makeover is a famed name among the list of female plastic and cosmetic surgeries. It refers to a set of aesthetic operations designed to improve the appearance of any body part affected by childbirth and breastfeeding and help women regain their previous figure. Getting a mommy makeover can be a very effective option to improve looks and feel confident about oneself in a single session with minimal downtime.

The most common procedures that are performed under mommy makeover include:

·    Breast augmentation with fat transfer or implants- to achieve fuller, bigger breasts

·    Breast lift- to reposition or reshape the sagging breasts

·    Tummy tuck- to get a slimmer abdominal profile

·    Liposuction- to get rid of stubborn fat pockets from any site of the body

·    Vaginoplasty- to tighten loose vagina

What is the ideal age to go for a mommy makeover?

There is strictly no ideal age to undergo a mommy makeover. The best time to get it done will depend upon the mother’s unique situation, circumstances, and goals. Generally, a mommy makeover is meant for those mothers who are done with their childbirths and wish to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies. Such mothers may be at the right age to undergo cosmetic surgery. Our plastic surgeons usually recommend mommy makeovers to women of the age group 30-50. But, mothers should wait for mommy makeovers until their children get old enough so that they can enjoy their mommy makeover benefits of looking youthful in their actual older age. 

To determine the best age or time for a mommy makeover, there are several factors that women may need to consider. These include general health and fitness level, existing medical conditions, and pregnancy history. We recommend our clients carefully self-assess their situation and consult our team of plastic surgeons to know your candidacy for a mommy makeover.  

Are you a suitable candidate for a mommy makeover?

Ideally, the candidates for mommy makeovers are women who no longer want childbirth and are unhappy with their noticeable bodily changes such as extra fat deposits, muscle laxity, and stretched skin. Such women must be healthy and have realistic expectations about the results of their mommy makeover.

Eternelle Aesthetics will design the mommy makeover surgery in Hyderabad, which will address the bothersome areas for you. After a thorough assessment and proper face-to-face consultation, which includes a discussion of goals, the doctor at Eternalle Aesthetics, will identify the most effective surgical procedure for you. 

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