How to Find a Shipping Address in the UK

Royal Mail is responsible for delivering mail to the UK, so you’ll need to include a UK shipping address on your shipping label. Mail from the USA takes about a week to arrive in the U.K., while it may take a day for it to reach the U.K. recipient. When mailing to the UK, be sure to center the UK shipping address in the front of the envelope, with the sender’s address on the reverse side. If you’re unsure of the correct format, Royal Mail will double check it for you.

ExPost UK

A virtual UK shipping address can be a great way to ensure that your packages get to you. ExPost provides mailboxes that deliver your mail to the address of your choice in the UK and offers mail forwarding and secure scanning services. This company is also recognised by all government departments and companies, including Amazon, Ebay and HMRC. Your mailbox is delivered to a secure Mail Centre where it is sorted by the User’s name and stored for delivery. Once you have signed up to ExPost, you can even decide how you would like your mail to be handled – opening, scanning, forwarding to your address, or simply not receiving it at all.

A UK shipping address can be very useful for business or residential purposes. You can even use it for financial transactions, like applying for a credit card or getting a mortgage. There are many companies that offer such services, including ExPost. They also offer a number of government services and financial products, and have several locations throughout the UK. Aside from this, you can also use an ExPost UK shipping address for your business or personal purposes.

Parcel Motel

Parcel Motel is a UK shipping service that delivers your packages to a registered motel. You enter your registered mobile number and a PIN code and then your parcel will be delivered to your locker. If you haven’t tried Parcel Motel yet, you should. The service is reliable and convenient. Customers can shop online at hundreds of UK retailers and save money on delivery costs. You can even send your parcels to Ireland, since Parcel Motel has a nationwide network of terminals.

If you’re an online retailer and want to avoid customs fees, you can use Parcel Motel’s UK shipping address service. It’s free to sign up, and your parcels can arrive as soon as the next business day. The company also offers a return service, which lets you return your purchases to select retailers for free. Parcel Motel’s Return service allows you to return a purchase, and some retailers even accept returns. Another feature of the service is the Send service, which allows you to send a parcel to a specific address. If you have another Parcel Motel account, you can send a parcel to your friend.


The benefits of using a Forwardvia UK shipping address are many. They offer free shipping to UK addresses and include a convenient online account management system. Customers can consolidate their shipping to one address and choose the carrier to send their packages. Once the package arrives, customers can inspect and request pictures. There are several options available for shipping to the UK, including international packages. Additionally, Forwardvia works with a number of different carriers, making it possible to choose a carrier that meets your needs the best.

When it comes to convenience, the Forwardvia website is easy to navigate. You get free UK address instantly upon signing up. You can shop and use the UK delivery address on checkout. There is premium plan includes free storage for 60 days and shipping discount. They have forwarded more than a million packages since 2015. 

Parcel Monkey

When you are ready to send a parcel, all you have to do is enter your address on the Parcel Monkey UK website. You can use a UK or US address to get started, and you can then set up your shipping and delivery address. Once you have completed this, you can order your parcels from the Parcel Monkey UK website. However, you should note that Parcel Monkey does not deliver to personal shopping services. It does, however, accept orders from eBay and USPS.

The Parcel Monkey Group is an e-commerce business based in the United Kingdom. It combines the strengths of a leading parcel delivery company and an international network of specialist mail services, with a total capacity of over one billion items. The company has also recently undergone a merger and acquisition with the Parcel Monkey Group, a UK-based logistics and e-commerce provider. It is based in Bermondsey, SE16, and operates a satellite facility in central London.


The best part about using a ParcelVue UK shipping address is that it is completely free to use. You can choose the delivery method of your package, whether it is courier delivery or regular mail. You will receive a notification for the package, so you can choose when you want it to arrive. The process is easy and you can choose between two shipping methods. You can even choose the delivery method based on where the package is being delivered.


Having a physical UK shipping address can be quite difficult. However, a few solutions are available. ReShip has a UK facility, acting as an overseas storage for US businesses. The UK facility is based in Milton Keynes, a central location. This location is ideal for customers who are unable to receive goods at their UK address due to a postal strike or because they need to re-ship items from Australia.

Choosing ReShip as your shipping address can be both time and money-saving. With a UK address, you can shop from various retailers without having to worry about customs fees or any other hidden costs. If you want to avoid waiting around for your parcels, you can even store your items up to 60 days free of charge. Moreover, you can even consolidate multiple packages and choose a fast shipping option. Using ReShip, you can have your packages delivered within a few days.

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