How Poor Website Designing can impact your SEO rankings?

Posting a few web blogs, and doing some social media promotion won’t give you the right boost. If it has some errors. So, let’s discuss some issues and errors that a website designing Company in Chandigarh suggests fixing before you start your website.

User-Interface Improvement

When it comes to SEO, the first thing that comes to my mind is a keyword. But one should take the UI into the first consideration as all your effort will go in vain if it is not eye-catching. First of all, you should check the layout and it should be cleaned and every section needs to be properly placed.

Page Weight

Have you ever checked the total size of your webpage? Probably no. Because most designers use high-resolution graphic images to impress you. Yes, statistics say that people don’t want to wait more than 8 seconds to make your webpage complete. So, it is better to reduce the size of the images before uploading them to the server.

URL Structure

A website designing company in Chandigarh says web developers are hardly bothered about the URL Structure. They leave this part for the SEO team. However, not every website owner hires an SEO executive to promote their website. So, what’s the solution? Simply ask the vendors to make the site SEO URL ready or you can install an SEO plugin and do it yourself. Please note that before you proceed with these plugins read their manuals properly. Otherwise, you can cause fatal damage to your website and your data may collapse.

Meta Data

These are the things just highlighting the page that would be displayed to the visitors to the result page.

So, keep an eye on these factors and your website should perform perfectly on the site.  As rule of a thumb, Google loves those sites that people will love. So, keep in mind and see if the site is getting the rank.

A Website with a stunning look does not ensure a good number of visitors if it has certain issues in design or coding. Know what a Website designing company in Chandigarh says about this.

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