How Long Does GOAT Take to Ship?

If you are interested in buying clothing or sports accessories online, you may be wondering how long does goat take to ship. This online retailer ships internationally and charges customs duties at the time of shipment. 

They ship their goods via USPS Priority Mail. For international shipping, you will need to use a US-based shipping forwarding service. It usually takes 4-8 business days for your clothing or accessory to be shipped.

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GOAT is an online fashion and sports retailer

The name GOAT stands for “Greatest of All Time,” and this online retailer is well known for selling high-quality merchandise. The store boasts a diverse selection of sportswear, streetwear, and accessories from the world’s leading brands. 

Despite its small size, GOAT is already a household name thanks to its high-quality athletic apparel and accessories. With over 30 million members worldwide, GOAT is poised to take advantage of emerging fashion trends.

GOAT’s user-friendly website is easy to navigate and provides precise filters. It also features a convenient search option and a section with collections. 

The site even has gift guides to help consumers choose the best product for the occasion. GOAT’s massive selection of products is appealing to both buyers and sellers alike. The range of prices and brands is staggering. You can find sneakers ranging from $25 to $5,000.

It ships internationally

If you live outside the United States, the typical delivery time is 7 to 10 business days. Goat receives your order, prepares it for shipment, and ships your order as quickly as possible. Once your order is shipped, the time for international delivery will depend on where you are. 

Your order may be delayed by customs and import duties, but these are automatically included in the checkout process. Items will be delivered duty-free to countries in the European Union and Australia.

Depending on your location, the average time to ship a goat internationally is seven to ten business days. Some items may experience additional delay, such as COVID-19 or government restrictions. 

For orders that must arrive immediately, a Next-Day delivery option is available. Depending on the country of delivery, the shipment may take a little longer than this, but the end result is worth the wait. Goat makes every effort to ship your order as soon as possible.

It charges customs duties at the time of shipment

Customs Duty is an indirect tax applied to goods being transported across international borders. It is used as a means of protecting a country’s economy and regulating the flow of goods into and out of a country. 

Customs duty is generally based on the value of the item being shipped. The duty is typically calculated on the value of the product as well as the country of origin. Listed below are some of the most common customs duties:

Customs duties are assessed on almost every item imported into a country. The amount of duty owed varies depending on the country of origin, as each country has different rules on what items are considered dutiable. Some goods are exempt from duties, and others are subject to further tariffs. 

Duty rates are calculated by using the proper classification system. Customs agencies may also apply a value added tax (VAT), a form of sales tax, at the time of importation. This tax is calculated as a percentage of the item’s customs value.

It ships via USPS Priority Mail

For orders over $110, GOAT uses the United States Postal Service to deliver its products. Priority mail packages typically arrive within 1 to 3 business days, depending on the weight and destination. USPS first class shipping is free for orders weighing less than 16 ounces. 

Priority mail packages take one to three business days to reach the destination, but the delivery time may vary if you place an order during holiday times.

Once your order is shipped, you can use the Goat App or a third-party tracking website to keep tabs on its progress. Simply go to your profile, select the Orders tab, and then tap on the order. 

From there, you can use the tracking number to follow the progress of your package. You can also contact the Goat team via live chat to ask about your order’s arrival time.

It cancels sales if the seller doesn’t ship within 3 days

If you’ve purchased something online and the seller has not shipped it, you have the right to cancel the sale within three days of purchase. However, this right doesn’t apply to door-to-door sales. 

In these cases, you’re still obligated to pay for the product, and you’ll have to pay the seller the return shipping fee. Fortunately, most online purchases don’t have this issue.

There is no reason necessary for cancellation, but it’s a good idea to get a cancellation form or letter from the seller. You should have received one when you made the sale, but if you can’t find it, you can always write a letter. 

You must mail the notice of cancellation within three business days after you made the purchase, including the date it was postmarked. It’s recommended to use certified mail, which comes with a proof of mailing and delivery. You’ll also want to keep a copy of the letter.

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