Debunked! Common Myths Related to Root Canal Treatment

You have surely heard about a root canal. One of the most preferred treatments for tooth root infections by dentists around the world. But you may not understand it very well. There is a lot of misinformation available on the Internet about the treatment method and root canal cost Austin. It’s hard to trust a particular source. Here, in this article, we have tried to address and debunk some of the most common myths related to root canal treatment. 

Myth#1: The treatment is very painful

Yes and no. In the past people considered root canal treatment to be a painful because it really was painful. But we have improved a lot in terms of medical technology today. We no longer need the same kind of instruments or tools to perform the procedure. This has significantly reduced the pain, treatment time, and several visits needed for root canal treatment. So, the treatment is no longer painful.

Myth#2: The recovery can cause other diseases

Some people think that root canal treatment can cause side effects. That other kinds of diseases can catch up during the recovery process. This is a myth and is completely false. Your susceptibility to other diseases is not determined by the root canal treatment. Root canal treatment lowers your chances to get infections in a particular part of your buccal cavity. 

Myth#3: It is better to pull the tooth 

A root canal procedure is essential for saving a tooth. Dental treatments are always centered around what’s best for you. So, pulling out a tooth isn’t always the best treatment option. It’s only taken as a measure when the infection has spread beyond control. A root canal is a treatment with a very high success rate. Most experts recommend it because of its reliability. 

Myth#4: Multiple visits are required

People always assume that something like a root canal would require them to go to the dentist multiple times. It’s not true. Due to helpful technology advancements, an affordable dentist in Austin can provide root canal treatments in less than 3 visits. If the tooth is critically damaged, the dentist may ask you to visit more than 3 times. 

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