Companies That Provide Labor Protection Services in Timisoara, Romania

The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly is located in Timisoara, Romania. You can also find companies in the city that provide labor protection services, such as Kimball Electronics, Bosch Service Solutions and others. Here are some tips for choosing a company and what you should expect from each. Also, read our articles on how to find a good servicii protectia muncii Timisoara. We’ll also talk about the people who provide these services, including Ana Muntean, a Romanian consultant.

Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and for Elderly Persons in Timisoara

The Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly (MOLSPE) has adopted a number of measures aimed at enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable people and their families. In Romania, marriage is legally allowed at the age of 18 years. However, this has not deterred the Ministry from focusing on family support and social assistance systems. The MOLSPE in Timisoara has a list of measures aimed at boosting quality of life for families.

Bosch Service Solutions in Timisoara

Bosch Service Solutions Timişoara has a growing global procurement department that is now hiring professionals to lead this process. The department includes strategic procurement and management of suppliers and other stakeholders. It also performs contractual negotiations throughout Europe and other strategic tasks. By 2021, Bosch expects to hire 600 new associates, including specialists in strategic procurement. To meet its ambitious growth plans, the company has partnered with the West University of Timisoara. There are a variety of positions available within the division, each with a different level of experience.

Kimball Electronics in Timisoara

If you are interested in working at Kimball Electronics in Timisoara, Romania, then you should be aware that the company is committed to providing equal opportunity for all candidates. It will not tolerate any form of discrimination in hiring process and will make sure that the process is based on professional competence and the job requirements. If you have applied for a job with Kimball, you will be contacted only if you are chosen for further steps.

Ana Muntean is a Romanian consultant

Currently working for the West University in Timisoara, Ana Muntean is the Founding Director of CICOP, or the Centre for Child-Parent Interaction. Before joining CICOP, she was the Director of Research in Social Protection at the West University of Timisoara. She has extensive experience in child-parent interaction and has authored numerous scientific papers. In 1996, she organized the first Romanian conference on the topic.

The number of refugees in Timisoara is changing every day

As more refugees arrive in the city, officials are scrambling to track them down. Border police have fingerprinted each person who arrives and offer asylum or an alternative to deportation. But many abscond from the reception centres, which are often far from the border. Roziya, who lost her husband on 13 May, tells RFE/RL that she has not heard from him since.

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