ASINSIGHT: Your Comprehensive Toolkit for Amazon Success

For Amazon sellers navigating the complex landscape of product visibility and competitive strategies, ASINSIGHT emerges as a game-changing tool. Designed exclusively for sellers, this powerhouse tool empowers you with unparalleled data insights, revolutionizing the way you approach keyword research, ASIN analysis, and competitor monitoring.

Unveiling Hourly Keyword Tracking: Real-Time Insights for Success

ASINSIGHT revolutionizes the keyword game with hourly keyword ranking tracking spanning 180 days. This real-time monitoring of the top 100,000 keywords in the US, and top 50,000 keywords in the UK and German sites provides unparalleled accuracy and depth. No more waiting for data updates! Gain instant access to hourly ASIN ranking changes, allowing for swift adjustments and optimization strategies.

Spy on Competitors’ Moves: Unlocking Dominant Keyword Insights

Delve deep into your rivals’ PPC strategies with ASINSIGHT’s robust data features. Gain access to valuable information on competitor keyword targeting across diverse ad types. Understand traffic distribution across different ad positions, allowing you to identify highly relevant and valuable keywords swiftly. Exclusive keyword traffic share data grants you a competitive edge, aiding in a more informed decision-making process.

Effortlessly Discover the Right Keywords

ASINSIGHT streamlines the process of discovering high-value keywords. Access critical keyword data such as search volume, ranking, and traffic share effortlessly. Dive into details about the top 10 organic ASINs for any keyword, facilitating efficient identification of related keywords with high potential.

Features Enhancing Your Amazon Journey

  • Reverse ASIN Lookup: Experience comprehensive and powerful data without manual input, effortlessly accessing keyword ranking tracking data.

  • Parent Variation Analysis: Instantly analyze all variations of an ASIN in a single click, streamlining product analysis.

  • Traffic Diagnosis and Insight: Pinpoint traffic fluctuations and understand traffic structures swiftly, aiding competitive analysis.

  • Ad Insight: Gain in-depth analysis of ASIN advertising performance, enabling identification of competitor advertising strategies.

  • Weekly Traffic Report: Monitor keyword data changes on a weekly basis, simplifying performance tracking.

  • Ad Spot Dominators and Ad Rotation Tracker: Identify top advertising performers and gain insights into competitor advertising strategies effortlessly.

  • Organic Rotation Tracker: Track changes in organic rankings for your ASINs and make timely adjustments for stable traffic.


ASINSIGHT emerges as an indispensable ally for Amazon sellers, providing unparalleled insights and tools for navigating the competitive marketplace. Its real-time data, comprehensive keyword analysis, and competitor monitoring capabilities make it a must-have for those aiming to elevate their product visibility, optimize strategies, and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of Amazon sales.

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