A Brief Guide on Professional Year Program

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Australia is considered one of the best countries for higher education all over the world. The country’s favourable weather, top-class universities, and advanced education system attracts international students to study in Australia.   

What is a Professional Year Program?

The professional year program is structured to provide formal learning along with workplace experience to international students who have graduated from Australian universities. With this program, international students get a chance to develop the industry-specific skills that are required to work in a particular industry. Courses available for PY are Professional Year Engineering, Professional Year Accounting and Professional Year IT. 

The duration of the professional year program is 12 months in which students are expected to learn about the Australian work culture and the work experience which is needed to work in any reputable Australian organisation. This program is for international students who wish to apply for permanent residency. The course is available for the field of accounting, IT and engineering students only.

There are three courses under the professional year program, choose any of the courses depending upon your industry. 

  • Skilled Migration Internship Program – Accounting – SMIPA

  • Australian Computer Society (ACS) Professional Year Program

  • Engineers Australia’s Professional Year in Engineering

Advantages of the Professional Year Program

Internship Opportunities

After completing the course, it is hard to find the right job. So professional year program helps to open a path that helps to find a job in Australia. There are lots of universities in Australia which provide internship programs and placement after the completion of the course and few companies also provide placement in the mid of the course.

Helps Widen Social and Professional Network

Joining a professional year program from a renowned university helps to expand the professional network as well as a social network. With the professional year program, you will meet a variety of people with the same interests. Moreover, it will enhance your knowledge base by having good and knowledgeable people through the professional year.

Understand the Australian Work Environment

With the professional year program, students get a chance to know about the Australian workplace culture as every country has its own work environment. PYP program helps you understand the professional work tactics, and how to communicate with different people at the workplace, and helps to maintain the professional behaviour. In this way, the professional year program enhances the overall skills that are needed to work in an organization.

Earn Extra 5 Points for PR

After completing the professional year program, it will give get 5 extra PR points that will increase the chance to get Australian PR. Anyone who wants to settle in Australia can attend a professional year program and increase the chance to get a permanent residency.

Who Can Apply for PY Program?

Anyone who has completed a bachelor’s degree from an Australian university can apply for a professional year program. Generally, it is 44 weeks education program which is divided into 2 parts; 1st part – 32 weeks of course work and 2nd part – 12 weeks of internship.

Eligibility Criteria for Professional Year Program

To apply for a professional year program, one must fullfill the following criteria:

  • Having a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Accounting or computer science or equivalent.

  • Hold Temporary Visa subclass 485 which enables the student to live and study in Australia for at least 18 months or depending upon the course.

  • Must have skill assessment from the recognised body such as ICAA, ACS, CPA, EEA and IPA.

  • Proof of good English proficiency.


A professional program is one of the best solutions for international students who want to continue studying after graduation and want to earn the professional skills needed to work in Australia.

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Written by Bella Cameron

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