5 Hidden Theories to Discuss in Your Physics Homework

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Drafting a unique homework is not easy. When your subject is physics, your aim is to first find ways to finish it on time. Thus, this objective to frame a unique project becomes secondary. However, many of you put your brains in and think, ”If I ask the experts to do my homework, they can make it unique.” So, it should come to your notice that with physics, anything is possible. It is a field that is highly explored, yet it gives you many areas to explore. However, there is one issue with that.

That is your awareness of these areas. Your course book delivers information that is enough to help you score good marks. However, it is just a teaspoon of details in the entire subject. There is still a big universe left for you to explore. Since you cannot explore the areas through your syllabus, you think that you cannot cover something out of the box. Every field in science gives you immense scope to provide what is unknown or undiscovered. All you have to do is read and understand about it. However, you need them under one roof.

Hence, this article provides information on topics that are expressing question marks. So, you can discuss the progress and where the scientists found a barrier. Let’s check them out.

5 Theories in Physics to Discuss for Your Homework

Uniqueness does not arrive without exerting effort. You must research the subject through and through to develop this knowledge. That is what you fail to do and lose the chance to make a task that delivers information that is not easily available to all.

Though finding it is a bit difficult, you can always knock on the doors to ask for assignment help from experts. However, the following sub-heads cover an insight on some of the topics:

Dark Energy:

Many of you cannot develop an understanding of this concept. You are not wrong, as many scientists also failed to develop the knowledge. The concept was stated by physicists Friedmann, Lemaitre, Robertson and Walker in the year 1920. They developed a model to understand the universal phenomenon of expansion in the cosmos. The theory first came out around 50 years ago, where it is shown that the universe is growing. Their development showed that it contains 70% of unknown energy that became the dark energy. You can take this topic for your homework.

Quantum Gravity:

This theory is the perfect handout to show that there are no proofs available. So, you must develop information about why is it still a mystery. So, Albert Einstein dreamed of making one thesis where the concepts of gravity and quantum can be gelled together. However, this theory is still at a hinge because of less experiments. What physicists discovered is that there is no way to perform the function. You can discuss about that as the prime reason for not setting and solidifying the idea. The required terms and equipment are not available at hand. So, discuss how it can come true or why it cannot.

Dark Matter:

It is a hypothetical theory that discusses the 90% universe is filled with unknown forms of matter. This element does not emit or absorb any form of energy. It stays there in a neutral position, which you can neither see nor locate. This idea came into life as the inactive feature of these matters makes it hard to find and anticipate their position. Thus, many scientists have even confirmed that this is all in their minds. These elements do not actually exist in the universe. Thus, they neither inhale nor exhale the energies in the universe.

The Arrow of Time:

This theory is placed and speaks of the movement of time, which is always forward. This phenomenon occurred because of a feature known as entropy. That also means the disorder degree does not shrink for a macroscopic mechanism. It means that there is no process to reverse the action of entropy once it has happened. You can discuss this subject in your homework because it presents many questions to the world. For instance, if the process increases with such speed when something is disorganised, why has it never happened in the past? You can discuss this all in your homework.

The Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry:

This theory goes back to the event of the Big Bang, as the universe was divided between matter and anti-matter. They both were symmetrical in nature, which could result in the destruction of elements like protons with anti-protons, electrons with anti-electrons and neutrons with anti-neutrons. However, as the universe emerged and grew, this symmetry turned into an imbalanced figure. It becomes a mystery that you can discuss the reasons for this event in your homework. Also, present why the scientist cannot find the ways to explain all this.


Drafting a project in a unique form requires something out of the ordinary. That is why you should develop the knowledge available outside the syllabus. As that covers the feature you are looking for. However, you do not opt for that and think, “I should ask the experts to do my homework. With their help, I can attain the uniqueness feature.” Since you cannot look for more, this document contains such topics. So, study and apply them.

What do you think?

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