4 Critical Questions Answered Regarding Pediatric Zirconia Dental Crown

As adults, we find it normal to get a zirconia dental crown and bridge to protect our damaged teeth. But what about children?

Children also suffer from oral health problems such as chipped teeth, broken teeth due to decay, defective enamel formation, and more. In such cases, getting a dental crown or bridge for your child’s teeth will be a wise choice. And let us tell you that it is normal and medically acceptable to get a dental crown and bridge for children.

In this article, we have answered some critical questions regarding zirconia dental crowns or bridges for your children.

If my child has baby teeth, are zirconia crowns still necessary?

Now, we know you might think that baby teeth will eventually fall out so why bother getting zirconia crown dental treatment for your child? However, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the permanent teeth grow properly without causing any future dental problems. The gap that remains after the baby teeth are pulled out can cause dental issues in the future. So, getting a zirconia dental crown for your child will be beneficial.

Is zirconia dental crown safe for my child? 

Yes! Zirconia dental crown is safe for your child. There are no side effects of using these dental crowns. Most importantly, they are tooth colored, so it is aesthetically pleasing too.

Is the process of placing a zirconia dental crown difficult for my child?

The process is not difficult. You will need 2 dental appointments with your pediatric dentist. In the first appointment, they will prepare the baby tooth for crown placement along with taking a tooth impression to create a customized crown. In the second appointment, they will place the crown on your child’s tooth.

Do I need to put my child under short sleep to get zirconia crowns placed?

This will depend on the age of your child and how cooperative they are. Older children are more cooperative with the process and can get it done on the chair. However, younger children may be more anxious and non-cooperative. In such cases, pediatric dentists may suggest you put your child under short sleep during the procedure.

If you have any more questions regarding zirconia dental crown placement for your child, make sure to contact your pediatric dentist.

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