2 Ways to Huge Split VCF files into Multiple VCF files? | 2024

Summary: Are you seeking for a quick way to split a VCF file into numerous contacts. If the response is affirmative, there is no need to be concerned. You’ve come to the right place; we’ve also explored a dependable technique to Split Multiple VCF Files in this blog.


Why is it Necessary to Split vCard files?

vCard files are used to communicate contact information that other email clients can read. One or more vCard files can be saved.VCF files.

For personal use, users can need to split vCard files into multiple contacts. As a result, the user’s search for corrupted vCard files is put on hold. I came up with a few methods for partitioning vCard files.

1 Manual Method: Split VCF files into Multiple VCF files

Here’s how to separate numerous VCF contact files.

  • To begin, navigate to C: Users%username%Contacts and click the Import option.
  • Select the VCF option from the ‘Import to Windows Contact’ dialogue box, then click Import.
  • Then, under the ‘VCF vCard File for Import’ box, navigate to the directory where the.vcf file is kept.
  • Then, to Split Multiple VCF Contact Files, click once to select the file and then click the OK button.
  • The Properties box will now appear for each contact at the same time. Make any necessary adjustments before clicking the OK button.

Step 2: Convert Windows Contacts to a Single VCF File

Now, under Windows Contacts, go to the Export tab. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the files one at a time to make multiple choices.

  • Select vCards from the ‘Export Windows Contacts’ dialog box.
  • To separate several VCF contact files, click the Export button.
  • Navigate to the location where the VCF contacts file will be kept.
  • Then click the OK button.
  • Finally, all contacts in the VCF file will be saved as separate VCF files.

Professional Method: Split VCF files into Multiple VCF files

You can try the Softaken Split vCard Tool, which is the best tool for huge split VCF files. You can quickly split a large VCF file into numerous VCF files. This app can be used to choose the size for calibration. You can save time and split VCF files without the need for extra software. It can be utilized even if Microsoft Outlook is not installed. This application’s trial version is now available for download. VCF files are compatible with a variety of platformers, including MS Outlook, Skype, ICloud, and G Suite.

Easy steps to split VCF file

  • Get and install the Split vCard Tool.
  • Select a VCF file and click the Browse button.
  • Display a preview of the selected VCF files.
  • Choose an export option such as “.vcf(save as vCard)“, or “.msg(save as messages)“.
  • Select an output location to save the VCF file
  • Press the “Start Generating Now” button

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered both the manual and smart methods for splitting a VCF file into numerous contacts. Manual approaches have various drawbacks. As a result, we recommend that you use expert tools to overcome such constraints. The software is completely secure and has been tested by specialists to effortlessly separate numerous VCF files. You can easily try out its demo versions to evaluate its functioning performance and efficiency.

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